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Improve your swimming on pool deck and online

Premier Swimming Coaching

Private Coaching 

60 min private one-on-one coaching to improve your swimming performance. 

Video Analysis

Analyse your swimming above and below the water during your two hour private video analysis session. 

Online Coaching

Online video analysis and remote guidance directly from your swimming specialist. 

Training Programs 

Adaptation plan, training sets, expert knowledge. Personally tailored fitness or race specific training plans.  

Daniel Rodgers

Swimming Specialist

I'm Daniel. I'm a swimming specialist, coaching swimmers from entry-level to, internationally competitive, high-performance athletes.


On this site, I explore strategies and tools to help you master your swimming. I have a particular love of technique and its absolute importance to swimming further, faster or more comfortably. Let me help you refine your circle of control to achieve both improvement and enjoyment in swimming. Our content is constantly growing alongside our Youtube channel filled will tips and step-by-step guides. 


I offer online coaching programs, online video analysis and private coaching in Perth, Western Australia. Book online or get in touch with me directly for more information. 

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