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Private Coaching Session

Reshape your swimming knowledge in 60 mins and take home everything you need to maximise your swimming efficiency.


Each session includes:

Technique Analysis & Recommendations Report 



Custom Online

Training Program

Tailored Practice


When redeveloping your swimming technique, your goal is to reorientate your stroke to move the largest body of water for the least effort. Most often, swimmers struggle to maximise technique efficiency and increase yield per stroke for two reasons: poor balance or overloading

Balance refers to a swimmer's ability to remain stable at the surface of the water. If a swimmer is not balanced, then some proportion of their propulsion is to keep them level instead of propelling forward. Common signs of balance inconsistencies include a dropping leading arm, collapsing pulling arm, short stroke, splicing kick, or fishtailing torso. Difficulty implementing a catch or rotation timing can also be caused by loss of balance. These discrepancies are the swimming strokes method of reorientating your mechanics to stability. After working with many swimmers, we have found swimmers who become more balanced see these discrepancies disappear and increase yield per stroke. We even see high-performance swimmers improve by addressing balance. 


Overloading refers to the fatiguing load your limbs and body encounter as each stroke moves a body of water. If the load your stroke engages is too much, your mechanics reorientate to decrease propulsion to maintain stroke rhythm and perceived pace. This process most often happens without the swimmer realising. Experienced swimmers are likely to encounter overload if their stroke has insufficient leverage due to changes in control over rotation or the catch phase. Lack of balance tends to diminish a swimmer's ability to control leverage. 





Each coaching session focuses on developing your ability to become more comfortable in the water while increasing your pace over time. 


Swimming has an added challenge over other sports; you can not see your technique. To ensure you can replicate your technique outside our session, you will use your new knowledge of the stroke to read your form accurately. The moment you describe what I can see, you are on the path to achieving real improvement.


Private coaching sessions are 60 mins and held at Christ Church Grammar School pool or at Bold Park Aquatic, depending on lane availability.

Each Session Includes: 

Video review

During your session warm-up, I will video record your swimming above and below the water. After your session, I will create a voice-over guide using your footage to highlight your technique focus area, key fundamentals, and which areas to focus on next to improve your swimming development.


Technique Analysis and Recommendations Report

Your technique report will become the foundation of your swimming content. The report includes:

  • An analysis of the technique you arrived with.

  • A detailed guide of swimming fundamentals.

  • Specific implementation steps to apply to your swimming.   



The intricate details of your report can be overwhelming. Your one-sheet simplifies your content into one easy-to-follow process. It tells you what to do and where to reference key content in your report and practice cards.  


Tailored Practice Cards 

Your practice cards cover the step-by-step process for developing your technique and highlight critical information for practising correctly. We recommend printing and laminating your practice cards to use at the swimming pool. Laminate copies can be prepared and sent by post for the cost of printing and postage.   


Custom Online Training Program 

Your online program is designed to align your technique development with your ongoing training or practice sessions. After each training session, we encourage you to update your online program with details, including your technique focus, how you read your form and overall experience. I will respond to each session, providing guidance and further information on swimming and training fundamentals. If you are not already following a squad plan, I will provide swimming sets tailored to your development goals. Your training program will be programmed for one month. You can extend your program by purchasing a dynamic training program. 

No Frills Sessions: $137

No-frills sessions are 45-minute sessions without all the extras (swimming report, program and practice cards). Use these sessions to check back in on your swimming development. Each session includes a short voice-over video guide using underwater footage from your session. No-frills sessions are available for returning customers only.

$287 AUD
Private Coaching Session

Reshape your swimming knowledge in 60 mins and take home everything you need to maximise your swimming efficiency.

Online Training Program

Video Analysis


Online Video


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