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Dynamic Training 

Adaptation plan, training sets, expert knowledge. Everything you need to train for your upcoming event or specific swimming training goals.

$287AUD per month

Your programs includes:


Adaptation Plan

Custome Online

Training Program

Daily Coach to

Swimmer Communication

Tailored Practice


Your goal from any training program is to condition yourself for the physiological and environmental demands associated with swimming the distance of your event. Most athletes make the mistake of periodically increasing training volume without periods of adaptation and reflection on body fatigue and performance. We recommend using adaptation cycles, where swimmers adjust volume, intensity and swim set structure, to ensure your body not only adapts for the event distance but also performs effectively and efficiently on race day. 

If you are restructuring your swimming technique, the load your body encounters from each stroke dramatically increases. Increased load on the swimming stroke can cause swimming technique to collapse sooner during each set as the body fatigues. Each collapsed swimming stroke (poor technique) no longer conditions the swimmer to swim efficiently in the future. Whilst developing your technique, it is vital to adjust your training structure to ensure your stroke has the best opportunity to condition to move the most optimal body of water whilst developing swimming fitness.


Program Delivery

Our training programs are designed for each individual swimmer to ensure you are physiologically and mentally ready for race day or to achieve your broader swimming goals. Programs are delivered online and specifically designed to increase performance and decrease the time usually required to adapt for race day if you were rallying on squad training alone. Your program removes the stress of finding the right adaptation schedule and method to integrate any technique development into your program. We will adjust your program regularly based on our assessment of your performance and adaptation and any changes to your life outside the water, such as holidays, illness, or injury.

Your Program


Online Training Program  

Your training program is delivered via Training Peaks, an online coaching platform. Each week, you will receive swimming sets to work through in your own time. Using Training Peaks, you will interact with your coach regularly. The more feedback you can provide your coach, the better your coach can update your program to help you improve your swimming. 


Physiological Adaptation Plan 

A dynamic training plan means your program is updated regularly to best structure your training. Your program will follow a long-term adaptation plan; however, your coach will constantly adjust your adaptation cycles, prescribed training volume, style, and intensity. To help your coach best tune your program you will be asked to occasionally record heart rates and swimming pace. 


Tailored swimming sets 

Your program included daily swimming sets for you to follow in your own time. Each set is written specifically for your training needs and training schedule. Swim sets are written week by week to ensure your training is best suited to your physiological adaptation. 


Tailored Practice Resources

Much of your training program focuses on increasing and adjusting your physiology, ready for race day. As you work through your program, you may receive technique and training PDFs to read in your own time. Your program will reference your content regularly. We recommend reading over your resources regularly. 


$287 AUD Per Month
Dynamic Training Program 

Adaptation plan, training sets, expert knowldege. Everything you need to train for your upcoming event or specific swimming training goals.

Private Coaching


Online Video




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