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60 min one-on-one session to improve your swimming performance.


Available for all swimming abilities

Private Coaching

$187 - $357 AUD
Private Coaching Session

Reshape your swimming knowledge in 60 mins and take home everything you need to maximise your swimming efficiency.

Your private session

Your 60-minute one-on-one coaching session focuses on developing your ability to become more comfortable in the water while increasing your swimming stroke yield. Each session aims to increase your knowledge of swimming fundamentals and improve your ability to read your body mechanics in water. 

Coaching sessions are held at Bold Park Aquatic or Christ Church Grammar School. Each session includes an above and below-water recording of swimming and a short voice review of footage highlighting your primary focus areas and reinforcing key swimming fundamentals.

Due to variable avialability, for Bold Park booking please contact me directly.

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per session

Your fundamental session gives you all the resources needed to develop your swimming in your own time.

  • 60-min coaching session

  • Above and below water video recording

  • Post session voice over video guide

  • Personal technique focus PDF

  • Simplified practice laminate PDF

  • Detailed swimming fundamentals guide

  • Personally tailored one-sheet 

  •  60-min coaching session

  • Above and below water video recording

  • Post session voice-over video guide

  • Session summary email



per session

  •  60-min coaching session

  • Above and below water video recording

  • Post session voice over video guide

  • Personal technique focus PDF

  • Simplified poolside practice PDF

  • Detailed swimming fundamentals guide

  • Personally tailored one-sheet 

  • One-month online coaching

  • Detailed technique analysis and recommendations report

  • Technique development practice sets

  • One-month personalised training program (Value $287) 



per session



Contact us

Tel: 0412157475

Centre Swim

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When redeveloping your swimming technique, your goal is to reorientate your stroke to move the largest body of water for the least effort. Most often, swimmers struggle to maximise technique efficiency and increase yield per stroke for two reasons: poor balance or overloading

Developing Technique

Balance refers to a swimmer's ability to remain stable at the surface of the water. If a swimmer is not balanced, then some proportion of their propulsion is used to remain level instead of propelling forward. Common signs of poor balance include a dropping leading arm, collapsing pulling arm, short stroke, splicing kick, fishtailing torso or difficulty implementing rotation or the stroke catch. After working with many swimmers, we have found swimmers who improve balance see these discrepancies disappear and increase yield per stroke. We even see high-performance swimmers improve their pace by addressing balance.


Overloading refers to the fatiguing load your limbs and body encounter as each stroke moves water. If the load your stroke engages is too much, your mechanics reorientate to decrease propulsion to maintain stroke rhythm and perceived pace. This process most often happens without the swimmer realising. Experienced swimmers are likely to encounter overload if their stroke has insufficient leverage due to changes in control over rotation or the catch phase. Lack of balance tends to diminish a swimmer's ability to control leverage. 


Common errors include:

  • Cross-over entry

  • Splicing kick

  • Poor rotation

  • Loss of catch phase

  • Sinking legs and hips and sinking during the breath

All common errors are a byproduct of poor balance and overloading. These errors are usually identified when comparing the swimming stroke to performance swimmers rather than identifying discrepancies in control over biomechanics in water.

Common Errors

Video recording and voice over guide

During your warm-up, I will record your swimming above and below the water. After your session, I will create a voice-over guide using your footage to highlight your technique focus area, key fundamentals, and which areas to focus on next to improve your swimming development. If time permits, we will take a second recording at the end of your session to give you a before and after comparison. 

Personaly tailored technique focus PDF

Your Technique Focus PDF explains each focus area from your one-on-one session, covering the principles of each area and providing step-by-step instructions to use during your practice. Your Technique Focus PDF aims to improve your understanding of the fundamentals of your swimming and align your new understanding with way you will practice your new swimming stroke in the water. 


The intricate details of your report can be overwhelming. Your one-sheet simplifies your content into one easy-to-follow process. It tells you what to do and where to reference key content in your report and practice PDF's.  

Simplified practice lamiate PDF

Your practice laminates hone in on the exact steps to follow when practising during your own time on squad training. Our coaching method is backed by a wealth of swimming knowledge and a detailed understanding of swimming. This means the steps you must follow to improve your swimming are few but very targeted. Instead of a long list of drills to work on your practice laminates give you the exact method to orientate and read your mechanics in water. 

Technique development practice sets

To develop your control, it is important to practice regularly. Practice can be tedious, and it can be hard to figure out a structure or order to follow when swimming in your own time. We have created a series of practice sets, which we tailor to each individual. Use these sets to strengthen your knowledge, improve control, and increase your time in the water each session. If you are training with a squad we will include a guide on how to integrate your technique development into your squad training. 

Online coaching

To keep your knowledge fresh and strengthen your understanding, we offer one month of online coaching for our fundamental or specialist private coaching. Using an online coaching platform we will provide feedback and prompts after each practice session. Swimming development with a coach can often be like a game of Chinese whispers. We have learned over the years that swimmers who develop their swimming technique without regular guidance often misinterpret essential instructions or understanding of swimming philosophy and biomechanics. The more feedback you can provide after each practice session the more we can help accelerate your swimming development. 

Personalised training program 

Swimmers who choose our specialist private coaching receive a full training program for one month, valued at $287. Your training program includes training sets, guidance on fitness and physiological adaptation, and key test sets to assess your development. Your program be tailored for an upcoming event or race. 

Detailed technique analysis and recomendation report

Your technique report will become the foundation of your swimming content. The report includes:

  • An analysis of the technique you arrived with.

  • A detailed guide of swimming fundamentals.

  • Specific implementation steps to apply to your swimming.   

We recommend referencing your report regularly to develop your knowledge of swimming fundamentals and how to develop your control in the water. 

Session Perks

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