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Online Coaching

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One-time purchase
Online Coaching
AU$407.00every month until canceled

Our online coaching serivice provides you with the tools and surpport to develop your swimming in your own time. Using our guides and programs tailored to each individual you will follow perscribes swim sets to practice at your local pool. After each session we ask you to upodate your training program with feedback frok your session and to answer training propmts we may have added to your swim set.


Your feedback is the most important part of the process, especially developing technique. Your perception of the method you follow each session helps us understand the way you view, understand, and control your form in the water. As you provide feedback, it will help us restructure your upcoming swim sessions and the type of content and guides we can provide to strengthen your understanding. Each week, you would receive 3 - 4 swimming sets to follow. Swim sets would be supported by content and guides for you to follow. 


You also have the option to add send us video recordings of your swimming each week. Once per week we can proivde a voice over guide with feedback and recomendation on your practice. 

After your purchase we will be in touch to ask for crucial information to start your program and ensure you pragram is best suited to your swimming goals. 

  • Our training programs are designed for each individual swimmer to ensure you are ready physiologically and mentally for race day or to achieve your broader swimming goals. Programs are delivered online and specifically designed to increase performance and decrease the time usually required to adapt for race day if you were relying on squad training alone. Each week, you will receive tailored swimming sets to use in your own time and updated guidance. Swimming sets are tailored to ensure you receive the suitable physiological adaptation at the right time in your program. If you are developing your technique, we will tailor your swimming program to align your form with your training. We will use your feedback after each training or practice session to tailor your program for the weeks ahead. 
    • Online training program delivered via Training Peaks 
    • A physiological adaptation plan mapped throughout your program 
    • Tailored adaptation cycles, adjusted as per your development
    • Tailored swimming sets, updated and delivered weekly
    • Tailored guides to complement your swimming practice
    • Pre-race and qualifying event personally tailored plans
    • Daily communication as required, Mon - Fri. 
  • Valid for one month of programming from purchase date. 

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