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Video Analysis

Learn the fundamentals of swimming development by analysing your swimming technique above and below the water during your 2-hour video analysis session.


Each session includes:

Technique Analysis & Recommendations Report 

Detailed Video 

Analysis Review

One Month

Online Coaching

Tailored Practice


Your Video

Analysis Session

Each coaching session focuses on developing your knowledge of swimming and improving your perception of your mechanics in the water.  


Your session starts with an above and below water video recording of your swimming before exploring the fundamentals of swimming whilst reviewing your swimming footage on land. After reviewing your footage, you will return to the water to develop your new technique, again filming your swimming. Depending on the available time, we will repeat this process to strengthen your control further and improve your perception of your swimming stroke. 

If you are a triathlete or open-water swimmer, you can swim with and without your wetsuit for the initial recording to compare changes in control. 

Video Analysis sessions are 2 hours and held at Christ Church Grammar School pool or at Bold Park Aquatic, depending on lane availability.

Each Session Includes: 

Detailed Video Analysis Review 

After your session, you will receive a 10 - 15 min detailed video analysis review video. Your review video includes a voice-over guide with on-screen annotations highlighting your technical focus areas and recommendations for your future development. You can expect to receive your video review and supporting content 2 - 3 business days after your session.   


Technique Analysis and Recommendations Report

Your technique report will become the foundation of your swimming content. The report includes:

  • An analysis of the technique you arrived with.

  • A detailed guide of swimming fundamentals.

  • Specific implementation steps to apply to your swimming.   



The intricate details of your report can be overwhelming. Your one-sheet simplifies your content into one easy-to-follow process. It tells you what to do and where to reference key content in your report and practice cards.  


Tailored Practice Cards and Laminates

Your practice cards cover the step-by-step process for developing your technique and highlight critical information for practising correctly. We recommend printing and laminating your practice cards to use at the swimming pool. Laminate copies can be prepared and sent by post for the cost of printing and postage.   


One-month Online Coaching  

To keep your knowledge fresh and strengthen your understanding, we offer one month of online coaching for our fundamental or specialist private coaching. Using an online coaching platform, we will provide feedback and prompts after each practice session. Swimming development with a coach can often be like a game of Chinese whispers. We have learned over the years that swimmers who develop their swimming technique without regular guidance often misinterpret essential instructions or understanding of swimming philosophy and biomechanics. The more feedback you can provide after each practice session the more we can help accelerate your swimming development. 

Dynamic Training Program

Private Coaching Session

Online Coaching

No Frills Sessions: $137

No-frills sessions are 45-minute sessions without all the extras (detailed video analysis, swimming report, program and practice cards). Use these sessions to check back in on your swimming development. Each session includes a short voice-over video guide using underwater footage from your session. No-frills sessions are available for returning customers who purchase a Video Analysis or Specialist coaching session.

$533 AUD
Video Analysis Coaching Session 

Learn the fundamentals of swimming development by analysing your swimming technique above and below the water during your 2-hour video analysis session.

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View your mechanics

Swimmers very often have an inaccurate perception of their swimming technique. Despite great focus and understanding of swimming, their body mechanics move differently than intended.


To improve control and accurately perceive technique, swimmers must align the feel of their control with the reality of their movements in water. It often takes viewing your mechanics in water to fully understand the type of control needed to re-orentate your stroke. 

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